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concepts, recipes, photos and video

Hello, we are homemade

We are a production company is dedicated to the areas food, drink, and cookware.  We develop concepts, make recipes, photographs, written copy, videos and more for some of Europe's strongest media and brands.


We have spent enough time in kitchens to know that it is much nicer outside. Therefore, we work outdoor whenever possible, using nature as backdrop and the open flame as our source of heat.

We believe that the shortest possible distance between idea and production gives the best results, therefore we are personally involved in every step of all the projects we take on.


Nicolai & Eva Tram

Here's some of our work


We are

Nicolai Tram 

I worked as a chef at top restaurants in Denmark, France and Spain, and as a restaurateur, before leaving the restaurant business behind to do TV instead. I were - and am still - working both behind and in front of the camera. I have a great passion for food and all things campfire cooking. 

Eva H. Tram

I worked as a waiter, sommelier, then food writer and editor for magazines and restaurant guides for many years. That was before I picked up the camera and rediscovered my love for food through photography and videography. I have a deep affection for mother nature.

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