Welcome to Knystaforsen

We are opening a restaurant, and we will call it Knystaforsen. It is named after the river that runs right outside its doors here in Rydöbruk in Halland, Sweden.


Knystaforsen is not  a restaurant in the word’s usual  sense. It is first of all our home. Anyone who comes here is our dear guest. Therefore we will be open for a selected number of nights, for a limited number of guests. The menu will change according to the seasons, and the format according to our mood and what we feel like at the moment. 

We cook with fire and soul. Pick, gather and catch what we can in the river and woods that enclose our place. Pickle, preserve, make our own beverages. We want to keep the memories alive of the seasons that passed, and this place a representation of its surroundings.


Welcome to our home and our personal playground. We can’t wait to have you.

Nicolai & Eva Tram


We expect to open up in the autumn of 2020. If you would like to know when we start taking bookings, please sign up for our newsletter here.